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Windcast Webworks HTML Design, Text Work Services

Web services provided by Windcast Webworks are accompanied by other services meant to amplify or augment webpage efforts at publication by anyone who employs text and graphics on the internet.

Altogether, there are four areas of services.

WindCast Webworks: HTML production and design consulting

Appropriate World Wide Web design meant to launch onto the web with minimal initial outlay and maximum potential for the future. Site set-ups that lock in elegant design without locking out growth.

WindCast Pub: Framemaker design and layout for products up to manual size

Adobe Framemaker is the ultimate tool for publications meant to pack the most material while still maintaining vital and rapid means of revision.

WindCast Photo: Photo retouching and enhancing for web usage

Adobe Photoshop work that strives to produce gray-scale and continuous tone reproductions especially adapted to the demands of World Wide Web utility.

Manifest Graphics Archives: Stock photos taken in the tumultuous Sixties

First-time and one-use rights available for shots taken during the decade of the 'Youth Revolt' by one who participated in the events as they happened. Includes photos published in the East Bay Express' anniversary issue of "People's Park, Thirty Years Later", David Goines' classic "Growing up in the Sixties" and on the cover of Theodor Roszak's reissue of "The Making of a Counter Culture".

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